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   * [[http://​​plugin:​note|note]] - Notes, warnings and idea boxes   * [[http://​​plugin:​note|note]] - Notes, warnings and idea boxes
   * [[https://​​plugin:​keyboard|keyboard]] - Render keyboard keys (like <​key>​CTRL-ALT-DEL</​key>​)   * [[https://​​plugin:​keyboard|keyboard]] - Render keyboard keys (like <​key>​CTRL-ALT-DEL</​key>​)
 +====== Migrating Dokuwiki from one Debian server to another one ======
 +It is surprisingly easy to move a Dokuwiki installation from one Debian server to another one.
 +  - Install Dokuwiki on the new server
 +  - Move (and if necessary adapt the webserver config)
 +  - Copy SSL certificates to new server if necessary
 +  - Copy users ''/​var/​lib/​dokuwiki/​acl/​users.auth.php''​
 +  - Copy groups ''/​var/​lib/​dokuwiki/​acl/​acl.auth.php''​
 +  - Copy the data files
 +On the source server pack the data files:
 +<code bash>
 +tar czvf /​tmp/​dokuwiki-data.tar.gz /​var/​lib/​dokuwiki/​data
 +Copy the archive to the destination server and unpack it:
 +<code bash>
 +cd /
 +tar xzvf /​tmp/​dokuwiki-data.tar.gz
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