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 +===== Check if the database server runs =====
 +Before you start hunting for problems in the configuration and installation of Gallery check if the database server actually runs.
 +In your web servers error log you might find hints like this that tip you of that Gallery can't communicate with the database server:
 +[Sat May 21 17:10:38 2011] [error] [client] PHP Warning: ​ mysqli_real_connect()
 +[<a href='​function.mysqli-real-connect'>​function.mysqli-real-connect</​a>​]:​
 +(HY000/​2002):​ Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/​var/​run/​mysqld/​mysqld.sock'​
 +(2) in /​usr/​share/​php/​adodb/​drivers/​ on line 110
 ====== Links ====== ====== Links ======
   * [[http://​​Gallery2:​Installation_on_Debian|Gallery2 on Debian]]   * [[http://​​Gallery2:​Installation_on_Debian|Gallery2 on Debian]]
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