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  • bash - powerful shell
  • mutt - mail on the console
  • sykpe - video chat
  • ssh - more than just a secure remote shell
  • openssl - encryption suite

Online Tools

General administration

Daily business

  • GnuCash - Bookkeeping and online banking
  • Data Rescue - Restoring (almost) lost data
  • Pidgin - Messenger that is compatible to almost everything




Get counted

The linux community wants to prove the number of installations. Unfortunately since about 90% (my personal experience, not official statistics) of Linux installations are installations that don't come from boxes sold by distributors, counting the real number of installations is quite a challenge.

If you like to you can get counted as linux user. You can also provide statistical data about your machines. Since running a web site in Germany means you have to identify yourself anyway this gave me no privacy headaches.

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