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How to use line start and end

In Eclipse under Mac OS

Unfortunately Eclipse has its own mechanism for keyboard settings, so that the global changes in Mac OS are ignored.

Reconfigure the keys as described below:

  • Menu: Eclipse > Preferences…
  • In dialog “Preferences”
    • Search for the category: General > Keys
    • Set the keyboard shortcuts as described in the table below
    • Click [OK]
Function Keyboard shortcut
Line Start <key>Home</key>
Line End <key>End</key>
Select Line Start <key>S-Home</key>
Select Line End <key>S-End</key>
Select Text Start unset
Select Text End unset

The screenshot below helps you finding the settings:

Screenshot of the Eclipse keyboard settings dialog


Firefox does not regard changes in keybindings. Use the Keyfixer add-on to get PC-like behaviour.

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