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Mumble is a voice chat similar to Teamspeak. It is suitable for gaming, but can be used for general chatting too. Mumble uses a centralized server an desktop client applications that connect to this server. The clients are avaiable for many platforms.

Mumble server


Mumble client

apt-get install mumble

Mumble server

On Debian based systems install the server like this:

aptitude install mumble-server
dpkg-reconfigure mumble-server

A wizard will guide you through the configuration:

  • Autostart mumble-server on server boot? – Usually this is what you want.
  • Allow mumble-server to use higher-priority ? – Voice chat is a real time thing, so if you don't have other mission critical services on this server answering “yes” might be an option.
  • You definitely want to set a very safe password for the SuperUser account!


Mumble needs both TCP and UDP on port 64738 accessible.

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