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<note important>Please note that the description below is for Teamspeak 2. Teamspeak 2 has not seen updates in a long time and thus must be considered a security risk. If you run it, make sure it is not accessible via the internet.</note>


Teamspeak is a voice chat server made for online gaming. For Teamspeak version 2 a linux binary of the server is available.


Install the 32 bit compatibility libraries to run Teamspeak 2 on a 64 bit server:

aptitude install ia32-libs


Download the server tar Archive and updated server binaries from the Teamspeak archive to /tmp. Install the tar archive.

cd /opt
tar xvf /tmp/ts2_server_rc2_202319.tar.bz2
mv tss2_rc2 teamspeak
mv teamspeak/server_linux teamspeak/server_linux.old
cp /tmp/server_linux teamspeak
chmod u+x teamspeak/server_linux

Create a new user and group for Teamspeak:

addgroup --system teamspeak
useradd --system --shell /bin/false --gid teamspeak teamspeak
chown -R teamspeak:teamspeak /opt/teamspeak

Start the Teamspeak server:

sudo -u teamspeak ./teamspeak-server_startscript start


Using the administrator account

  1. Start teamspeak
  2. Stop teamspeak
  3. search for the passwords in the log file.
grep admin /opt/teamspeak/server.log


Teamspeak 2 can be configured via a web client on port 14534.

Basic administration as superadmin

  1. Login as superadmin
  2. Change the superadmin password
  3. Disable listing of the server if you want it to be a private server
  4. Logout

Basic administration as admin

  1. Login as admin
  2. Click “user manager” and change the password of the admin account
  3. Set a server password and welcome messages in the server administration
  4. Create the initial set of user accounts
  5. Log-Out

Optional: disable HTTP interface

If you want to open only the ports strictly neccessary, you can disable the HTTP user interface in /opt/teamspeak/server.ini:

HTTPServer Enabled=0

You can still create an modify user accounts via the Teamspeak client programs.

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