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-====== Creating new compilation steps ====== 
-TeXShop allows you to add "​engines"​ for compilation processes. 
-You can create a shell script and name it ''<​script name>​.engine'',​ make it executabel and install it under ''​~/​Library/​TeXShop/​Engines/''​ 
-An example for compiling a nomenclature:​ 
-<code bash> 
-bfname=$(dirname "​$1"​)/"​`basename "​$1"​ .tex`" 
-makeindex "​$bfname"​.nlo -s "​$style"​ -o "​$bfname"​.nls 
-This example was adapted from an example for making a glossary [[http://​​2008/​07/​latex-texshop-und-das-glossar-so-gehts|found here]]. 
-====== See also ====== 
-  * [[http://​​2008/​07/​latex-texshop-und-das-glossar-so-gehts|How to create glossaries with TeXShop]] on Medienpeter (German) 
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