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Virtual box OSE (open source edition) works as expected but does not supports USB. It can not be installed parallel with the SUN microsystem PUEL (Personal Use and Evaluation License). USB is supported by PUEL version and works for USB mass storage. My nokia PC suite can not connect with my mobile phone and so I think there is no need to install PUEL version.

Virtual machine settings and configuration can be used from both systems (unless the OSE and PUEL version are equal).

For installation ssh -X should be helpfull if the server has no working X system.


See installation chapter. Could be possible that it works quite better for stuff like webcams than with the mobile phone.

Copy Windows Image and Decrease Size

  • create a new image with bigger size
  • add this new image as secondary master
  • make a copy of primary master image (the one which has not enough space)
  • start a live cd linux

<note>be sure /dev/sdb is the new empty one, else you will destroy your working system</note>

  • make a copy dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=512
  • restart into windows using safe mode into command line
  • start diskpart
  • diskpart> select disk 1
  • diskpart> select volume 2
  • diskpart> extend
  • diskpart> exit
  • shutwdown, and use the secondary master image as primary for the future

Windows VM install tips

  1. use dynamic growing images
  2. the windows shall obtain the network IP from dhcp
  3. the guest name (installed VM guest computer name) should be finally <computer name>.<network segment of the host>
  4. use NAT network settings in the virtualbox guest configuration
  5. install guest addons
  6. shared folder can be connect to permanent drive using \\vboxsvr\<shared folder name>

Windows Remote Connect settings

VboxManage (OSE)

Some commands for managing VM's without server gui.

  • vboxmanage list vms|rinningvms: list all available vms or running vms
  • vboxmanage startvm name –type headless: starts the named VM without GUI so only remote connection can be established
  • vboxmanage controlvm

Remote connect from Linux to Windows VM

How to obtain the VM name (needs DNS host name resolution on internal network).

ping <GuestName>.<LocalNetworkName>    # try to see if DNS and guest is active
rdesktop-vrdp -g 1024x768 <GuestName>.<LocalNetworkName>

Backup Virtual Machine

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